Geithner's Nasty Spawn: Residential Credit Solutions

"We pride ourselves in servicing

your loan in ways you're not used to!"

You can say that again, brother.

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Small Victory for Borrowers
CFPB Slapped PigBoy Stowe's Wrist for Cheating Customers. Jail next, please.
Exposed ForcedPunished

Kept his snout in the trough too long.
(PigBoy has a _private sty_on Homeburglarz.)


Yo, Elvis!
Looking pretty good for a dead guy.

Who do they say they are?

A speaker at a bottom-feeders convention.

A 55 year old CEO with no work history before age 36.

A man associated with two defunct corporations and three live ones.

Who are they really?

Talented homeowner researched Stowe and his pals.

Her story written up in newspaper, RCS comments

How RCS came to be: Tim Geithner, Crony capitalism

Geithner give-away breastfed little Denny & RCS Remember the AIG Bonuses? Geithner.Federal Gov was sued over that; lost case this year (2015)

Tim's PPIP made White Trash RCS a lot of money. Great explainer and comments:
This deserves indignation to the max.
This is just absurd on so many different levels.
It just turns PPIP into a naked giveaway
It’s capital crime in plain sight.
Just like every other step of this looting since the beginning.
PPIP "off to a perfectly stunning crony start" says Alfred Kewl

Geithner was ARRESTED in 2010 (and his brother cheats on his wife)

RCS: White trash with cash

Real estate agents--"dick 'em around"

Borrowers--"screw 'em"

Borrowers--"I said screw 'em"

BBB does not list them. 
Ignore the bogus star and go down to 
“Customer Complaints Summary “

Employees (it gets better farther down)

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