Thursday, November 26, 2015

"My Duties Were": RCS/Saxon workers speak out + bonus Yelp reviews

Yelpers don't like the PigBoy company.

This page lists the main sentiment of every RCS review on Yelp when the page was made, with an interruption for yet more revealing Linkin job descriptions in a jaunty graphic. It's hard to read unless you click it. It will enlarge if you do.

I was going to say these posts speak for themselves, but they speak for the good part of America. These people aren't trying for mods, but they'd sympathize, given the poor service they get when they CAN pay their bills.

So some people miss a payment or 10. If you miss 12 payments, that's just 3 percent of the total 360 payments, not the end of the world. So strict!


Everything Worst servicer I've ever dealt with.

Might just be the worst company I've ever worked with.

"Lets just say that I recently sold this property just to get out from under RCS.

These guys are the worst.  I have been working on a short sale for a client with them for over a year and a half.

If you are forced to do business with them, consider borrowing money at a 10% higher interest rate just to pay down the loan.

It's hard to imagine how a company like this exists. 

this people are idiots.

These guys are the worst. 

It's really "0". The worst company I ever dealt with. I finally filed a claim with the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau.

Is RCS a legitimate company? Definitely the most frustrating, time wasting experience I have ever had with a loan servicer.

This dreadful company purchased our mortgage loan a year ago.

I wish I could rate a 0 stars for this company. 

My two rental mortgages were transferred to them. Worst servicer I've ever dealt with. I'll be reporting them to the FTC later today.

Terrible company with unbelievably shady business practices.

Be sure to send your complaint with documentation to the S

Home buyer beware! 

They are conniving and underhanded.

They charged my account twice in one month for the same amount. CREEPY!

On the phone being robbed by RCS as I write this.

Is this place for real?

My loan was sold to these A$#holes.

I recall when my loan was first sold to RCS, I kept receiving phone calls for late payments before the payment grace period was even over.

This is fraud and this company needs to be reported to the BBB and federated regulators

If we all work together, maybe we can cause RCS to consider being smart, but I wouldn't bet on it.

They refuse to pay my insurance premiums out of my escrow account and refuse to let me stop escrowing and just pay the premiums myself.

...asking for forgiveness for the amount of 4 letter words that come out of my mouth any time I have to deal with this pathetic, archaic, sad excuse of a company.

File a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (

This is more of a BUYER BEWARE review more than anything else.....

Updating my original complaint with these clowns.

Nothing but crooks and should be out of business !!!

I do not believe company like this exists.

this is the most disgusting company on the face of the earth.

Not a Good Company by far.. Not a Happy Camper.

May even see if a lawyer wants to take on a class action suit against them.

This company is pathetic. Be afraid, be very afraid.

What a bunch of crocks. A trip to Fort Worth might just be in order. The CEO needs an old fashioned arse whooping

What a bunch of crooks. A trip to Fort Worth might just be in order. The CEO needs an old fashioned arse whooping

So their customer service (a) blames me, then (b) blames Bank of America and then (c) tells me that my stellar payment history and credit (800+) will allow them to reverse the late fee

 I've had constant problems with their services.

This company should be investigated for causing consumer fraud.

Apparently this company should be shut down they also acquired my loan and i have since have had nothing but headaches with these bozos.

This is a worst company. Make sure to double check the monthly mortgage statement every month. As part of the escrow analysis, RCS incorrectly doubled the PMI amount for my loan.

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