Friday, June 24, 2016

Important announcement from Maybe Life is Fair: Residential Credit Solutions is history!

Pat yourself on the back and have an ice-cold beer if you used up a lot of their time complaining about their illegal practices and requiring their response. You helped! 

They lost money hand over fist because they wanted to foreclose more than they wanted to collect payments. Serves them right and may they all face foreclosure one day. If any of the spineless cretins decide to become whistleblowers, it'll be a miracle. They probably think they were doing everything right. Such is life in a cult.

You might want to check out the Legal Disclosures page, which strongly hints that Residential Credit Solutions is in trouble with the authorities. It's partially reproduced in the bottom half of today's frenetic graphic. It is not clear from the wording whether redress is available for servicing clients or only those whose loans originated with Residential Credit Solutions.

Links to regulatory bodies in other states offer hope that former clients all across the country will be compensated.

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